Invest in Vietnam: Are you ready to move?

Moving investment in Vietnam

In investment circumstance changes over the world, investors should make their best reasonable efforts to find the suitable chances for their investments. Firms or institutions or even individuals are now facing with daily decisions in where they invest or how to invest. 

Vietnam, the southest asia country, is now transforming to emerging market in recent years. The country maintains their sustainable growth with quite high GDP growth rate of 6.81 percent in 2017 and forecasted to reach at 6.7 percent in 2018. Its avergare GDP growth rate is reached at 6.1 percent in the last decade, be among the top highest GDP growth rate countries in the world.

The country's population was reached at 96 million people as of 2017. Its GDP per capita was accounted for 2.35K US$ in the same year. Although its income per capital was still low, but Vietnam's prospective is forecated as high potential.

One of main attractive point to investors is on-going bilateral and multilateral trade agreements with many countries and economic zones. The latest crucial agreement was CPTPP signed in March 2018 which opened free trades and incentive tax to goods between 11 country members.

A trade war between US and China also impacts on the investment that flows to asia. Investors is now considering to limit their investments in China and related countries, and moving their plants to high attractiveness countries such as Vietnam.

The last but not least important is the new changes in macro-economic applicable law. Vietnam Government is now drafting special economics zone law which is subjected to the changes in land leasing time up to 99 years. Many investors are interested in the changes and waiting for the approval so far. Investors who are now considering to invest in three special economics zones will benefit a lot from many incentive policies such as tax incentive, leasing time and good infrastructure.

If you are planning to invest in asia, Vietnam will be a best destination for your investment. To take a look more detail, please contact our consulting team.