Vietnam Investment Highlights: LPG Power Project valued at US$4B

LGP Power Project

An American investor proposes a LPG Power Project with the value of US$4B to authorities. In case of being a high feasible project, it will be supplemently added to Vietnam Power Development Plan in 2011-2020 period which is known as 7th Master Plan (PDP7). The project is supposed to located in Bac Lieu Province, a southern province in Vietnam. Its designed capacity is presumed at 1,000 MW and estimated to produce from 2021. Upon the proposal, total investment capital of project will reached at US$4B separated into 03 phases with total designed capacity of 3,200 MW. According to proposal, the sale price is expected at 7 cents/kwh.

In Vietnam, the market is still dominated by EVN, a state owned enterprise. Although government announced equitization plan in power sector, but it went quite slowly due to many reasons. In fact, EVN still controls transmission infrastructure and distribution system; other players just join the market as manufacturers.

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