Market Research @ Vietnam: Automobile Repairing Industry Report

Market Research @ Vietnam: Automotive Repairing Industry Report

An automobile repairing industry report has been conducted by NMK LLC, a market research company in Vietnam, covering repairing market for car in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh city. The report on automotive repairing industry is focused on finding issues on companies operating in car maintenance and repairing sector in Vietnam.

This paper analyzes the Vietnam market for Automobile Maintenance and Repair Industry with the following segments: Business entities, Size of firms, Workforces and Compensation, Turnover and Earnings, and Operating Capital and Assets. The report is further access to obtain the price of services provided in the industry such as maintenance and repair services, washing services, changing oil and fluid, parts and accessories replacement, waxing and coating services, glass repair, and others.

The report provides separate comprehensive analytics for Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh city. Annual estimates and forecasts are provided for each region for the period of 2011 through 2020. Also, a six-year historical analysis is provided for these markets. Market data are derived from primary and secondary sources. The report covers 46 pages with 50 figures and 25 tables.

The paper also distributes questionnaires to 105 companies and shops located in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh city to obtain the information about workforces, equipment, services and prices. All these companies are now operating as authorized car dealers, garages, spare parts and accessories shops, car wash shops, and petroleum stations in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh city.

The Automobile Repairing Industry report covers major issues as follows:

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Defining motor vehicle repair and maintenance services

       2.1       Automotive repair industry (VSIC 452)

       2.2       Automotive spare parts industry

  1. Development Environment of Vietnam Automobile Industry

       3.1       Economic Environment

                   Key Points

                   Big Picture

                   Other Details

       3.2       Policy Environment

       3.3       Policies Related to Auto Industry

                   Taxable price of imported cars to be revised upwards

                   Lower import tariffs imposed on ASEAN cars

                   Provision of automatic transmission car driver’s licenses

                   Other policies

                   Barriers to entry

       3.4       Industry overview

                   Registered Motor Vehicles

                   Motor Vehicles Assembled

                   Motor Vehicles Imported

                   Sales of Automobile Industry


                   Labor Forces and Compensation

                   Capital and Asset

                   Turnover and Profit


                   Motor Vehicles Insurance

                   Tires Industry


                   Major Companies

  1. Automobile Maintenance and Repair Industry

        4.1       Business entities

       4.2       Size of firms

       4.3       Manpower and Compensation

       4.4       Operating Capital and Asset

       4.5       Turnover and Earnings

  1. Products and Services

       5.1       Sample size

       5.2       Products and Prices

           5.2.1        Working time and labor forces

           5.2.2        Equipment

           5.2.3        Maintenance and repair services

           5.2.4        Washing services

           5.2.5        Changing oil and fluid

           5.2.6        Parts and Accessories services

           5.2.7        Cost structure

  1. Recommendations

           6.1       Timing

           6.2       Location

           6.3       Products and Services

           6.4       Network

           6.5       Price

           6.6       Marketing campaign



Automobile repair and maintenance services in Vietnam can be characterized as both a sub-industry and a commodity. As a commodity, it is characterized as providing both the services involved in selling goods purchased for resale (i.e. the parts) and providing the service of replacing the part into the vehicle. In Vietnam, this service may be provided by establishments specializing in automotive repair, but there are other, large, players in this industry, particularly within retail trade. In term of a sub-industry, automobile repair and maintenance services is a sub-category of Wholesale and retail; Repair of automobiles, motors, motorbikes and other motor vehicles industry.

The objective of this paper is to describe Vietnamese practices in providing automobile maintenance and repair services. Section 3 of this paper describes Vietnam key economic factors and motor vehicles industry, including sales and related services. Section 4 delivers the automobile maintenance and repair industry and spare parts industry characteristics, covering firms, turnover, capital, labor forces and wages. Section 5 highlights the surveys that measure prices of repair and maintenance services for automobile (both within and outside the industry). The paper continues with recommendations of industry characteristics, particularly in context of firms, services and price range of services.

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