Market Research @ Vietnam: customer survey on TV series in Vietnam

Survey TV series in Vietnam - Market Research

Surveying on TV series in Vietnam report has been conducted by NMK LLC, a market research company in Vietnam, obtained information from 1,110 participants in Hanoi, Binh Dinh and An Giang, Vietnam. The survey is focused on their most favorite channels, type of TV series, and expectations.

Market research team addressed questionnaires to participants living in 03 areas, including:

- Hanoi (Northern): 506 participants

- Binh Dinh (Central): 222 participants

- An Giang (Southern): 236 participants

Based on geographic information, 35.6 percent of interviewees was males, while female participants accounted for 64.4 percent of total sample. Participants in the age group of 20-29 was the most popular group where more than 43 percent of people joined the survey belonged to.

TV services

Nearly 48 percent of participants reported that they used cable TV, followed by whom using digital TV represented by 34 percent. Among TV suppliers in Vietnam, VTVcab maintained its leading position in television market, accounted for 26 percent of market share, followed by SCTV with 16.5 percent.

Due to television infrastructure in the country, cable services only supply in cities and do not develop well in countryside. Users in countryside, thus, can only use digital or analog television in lieu of digital services.

The size of sample did not reflex exactly market share of TV service suppliers, however, an important notes found in An Giang and its surroundings near border was the usage of unknown digital box.

Favorite channel

Among 6 channel of VTV including VTV1, VTV2, VTV3, VTV4, VTV6, VTV9, the news channel (VTV1) and sports and entertainment channel (VTV3) were top favorite channel which viewers spent almost time in watching on.

86 percent of participants informed that their most favorite TV program was dramma.


Over 61 percent of respondents said that they often watched dramma channel daily, and 80 percent of viewers reported that they spent upto 2 hours a day in watching on film and dramma. Nearly 45 percent of participants shared their habits in watching on a episode daily while nearly 34 percent of them watched frequently 2 episodes a day.

VTV3 was the top favorite channel for watching dramma, as surveying. Local films and foreign films were attracted equally to viewers.

Rating on quality

More than 33 percent of respondents said that acting was under performed, while 26 percent of total sample was awareness of script.

Top reasons to watch dramma

Content and appropriate broadcast time were the most reasons to watch dramma. More than 36 percent of participants kept their watching due to attractiveness of content, and above 21 percent of respondents showed their interest in dramma due to reasonable broadcast time.

Why dramma not attractive to viewers

To find the reason why viewers not interested in dramma, survey report shows that broadcast time is the most reason. Nearly half of viewers reported that they did not follow some drammas due to inappropriate broadcasting time.

Rating on 5 dramma series

The research team also addressed the questions on 05 series drammas broadcasting on TV channel at the moment to find the viewer bahavior.

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