Market Research @ Vietnam: macroeconomics updated in Sept 2018

Vietnam Macroeconomics updated Sept - Market Research

General Statistics Office of Vietnam, GSO, has published Vietnam macroeconomics updated in first 9 months of 2018 covering major indicators.

In the third quarter of 2018, GDP growth rate is estimated at 6.88 pct, lower than Q1/2018 (7.45%) but still higher than Q2/2018 (6.73%). Agriculture, Forest, and Fishy increased at 3.46 pct, Industrial and Construction grew at 8.61 pct, and Service topped at 6.87 pct.


Industrial Production Index+10.6
Retail sales of goods and serrvices+11.3
Total export turnover+15.4
Total import turnover+11.8
International visitors to Vietnam+22.9
The realized investment capital from the State budget+11.8
Consumer Price Index+3.57
Core inflation+1.41

Industrial Production Index, IPI, estimated to increase at 9.1 pct in Sep YoY. IPI in 3rd quarter 2018, IPI increased 10.7 pct compared with same period last year. The processing and manufacturing showed its dramatic increase of 13.2 pct.

Total retail sales of goods and services estimated to reach at 3,235 thousands VND in the first 9 months, increased 11.3 pct YoY.

Consumer price index, CPI, increased 0.59 pct compared with the last month, especially in education price index with increase of 5.07 pct.

In general, GDP growth rate in 2018 might be surpassed the forecast of 6.8 pct due to high growth rate seen in forth quarter.

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