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Motorbike lubricant survey - Market research NMK

Consumer survey on high-end scooters using Honda brand conducted by a leading market research company in Vietnam, NMK LLC, obtained information of women behavior using scooters and changing lubricant. The survey is designed to obtain the information on consumer behavior of Honda High-End Scooter Women Users in lubricant replacement. The search is conducted in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City by interviewing female aged from 18 to 50 who owned Honda High-End Scooters.


The Consumer Replacing Behavior of Lubricant Report addressed the questions to 200 women lived in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, age from 18 to 50, who are now using Honda High-end Scooters about their experience in consuming engine oil. The survey targeted in four groups of responder including: Students, Officers, Business Owners and Housewives. To limit the effect of living area on consumer behavior, the survey aimed to obtain information in well distributed areas within Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City classifying in four main groups: office buildings, residences, universities and repairing/washing shops.


The primary aim of the Consumer Replacing Behavior of Lubricant was to assess the prevalence and trends in substance uses and related behaviors of consuming engine lubricant in Honda women users in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

The objectives were:

  1. To find the facts of individual substance use of engine lubricant of female users.
  2. To identify the key individual determinants of behavior on consuming lubricant.
  3. To report on long-term trends in substance use among female users in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City and estimate the behavior of consumers in Vietnam.



Participants were female lived in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, age from 18 to 50, owned one among six models of Honda scooters:

  • SH Vietnam.
  • Imported SH.
  • SH Mode.
  • Airblade
  • SCR
  • Lead

The sample design was randomly selected users containing 200 women in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. The survey was focused mainly on female users who frequently and directly replace lubricant for their motorbike.


In-person survey method was applied in this survey. The survey was conducted randomly selected area with wide range of locations classifying in four main groups: office, residence, college and repairing/maintenance shop.


The survey was obtained information from 200 respondents mainly focusing on consumer behavior of oil replacement. The size of survey might not large enough to represent fully accurate behavior of female consumers. Data were weighted subsequently in order to correct for the overall disproportionate sampling strategy and for survey non-response.


All market research team members took part in one-day training session, led by Principal Investigator of the research, which focused on improving familiarity with the survey, learning the research protocol, developing techniques for interacting with female, and reviewing various scenarios or potential problems that might emerge during data collection process.

On the day of data collection, research staff filled out a cover sheet with detailed area being sampled, the name of respondent, as well as the researcher administering the survey and the date of survey took place.

Once research staff had completed the data collection, completed surveys were brought back to the research office and visually scanned to identify potential problems.

A Customer Service Team then verified the data correction by contacting with respondents. They contacted to all respondents to ensure that all information collected were correct. A Customer Service Team was an independent team.

Questionnaires and Screening Tools

The survey was comprised of 46 multiple choice items and 02 open-ended questions. Information was requested on personal information, Honda Scooter owned, understanding on lubricant products, and substance use of lubricant.

Questions 21 through 48 in the survey dealt with consumer behavior and tried to abstract the source of their making decision.

Question 14 through 20 was designed to attempt the understanding of lubricant products of female users.

Definition of Substance Use

In the present report, substance use refers to changing oil permanently and directly by the users.

How to read the graphs

The report includes several graphs showing proportions of female users who owned Honda Scooter with detail indicators of age, income, type of owned scooter, and their relationship with consumption decision.

These results are presented as simple line graph without box-plots reporting confidence interval.

General Information

Of the 451 respondents participated in the survey, just 200 participants were fully qualified the survey’s criteria.

Therefore, the survey was analyzed based on the response of 200 women users.

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