Market Research @ Vietnam: Surveying on priority fields of VKIST

Market Research @ Vietnam: priority fields of VKIST

NMK LLC, a market research company operating in Vietnam, has conducted a research on top strategic priority research fields of VKIST under commisioned by Korea Institute of Science and Technology (KIST). The research is obtained opinions discussed by 200 top professors working in institutes or universities in Vietnam.

Vietnam Korea Institute of Science and Technology, known as VKIST, is a project set up by Korea and Vietnam Government. KIST and MOST (Vietnam Ministry of Science and Technology) are appointed by both country's government to join project as founders.

VKIST has its headquarter located in Hoa Lac High Tech Park with initial investment capital of 70 million US$. In the first phase, Korea Government financed to project around 35 million US$ which is spent mainly for construction and infrastrutre.

NMK LLC conducted jointly a research with Korea Institute of Science and technology (KIST) which is focused on setting up the initial department and industry in the first phase of VKIST.

In general, VKIST will focus on 05 strategic research fields including:

IT & IT based fusion technology: Base on result of the survey, in IT area, Software (75% of vote at high and above level) and Telecommunication (72%) also are voted as two of the most appropriate development sectors in Vietnam, while Hardware and IT-base fusion are rated lowers (47% and 58%).

As the outcomes of the survey, local researchers continued to believe in the development prospective of software and telecommunication sector. Most of their suggestions were focused on the development of software and telecommunication sector.

Bio-Technology: The survey addressed the questions on four sectors in bio-technology field including: molecular and cellular, genetic engineering, bio convergence, and food processing sector. Most of respondents agreed that all of above sectors should receive more resources for its development.

Local researchers said that food processing sector is the first priority sector for the development of bio-technology field with 15% of respondents agreed that matter, followed by bio convergence (12%), genetic engineering (10%) and molecular and cellular (6%).

Energy and Environment: All sector of Energy and Environment field including: environmental pollution control technology, environmental conservation protection technology, renewable energy, and resource development technology have high-degree of urgent development in Vietnam, result of survey shown that above-medium response all higher than 75% (88%, 88%, 88% and 76%).

The most urgent sector for development was Environmental conservation protection technology, followed by Renewable energy and Resource development technology, then Environmental pollution control technology.

Mechatronic: Convergence mechatronic maintained the leading appropriate sector of mechatronic field, followed by application software, manufacturing and service robot, and nano mechatronics, in order. In general, most of commentaries from local researcher were agreed with all of specified sectors in mechatronics field mentioned in the survey compatible with country’s science and technology development.

Nano Technology: Nano materials, environment and energy, Nano bio and Nano manufacturing were the 1st priority of development of Nano technology and new materials field. Nano device sector had received the less concerns from local researchers.

Around 25% of local researcher participating in the survey advised that the country need to make more effort on the development of Nano technology by focusing on Nano materials, environment and energy sector, Nano bio sector, and Nano manufacturing sector.

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