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Business Consultants in Vietnam

Business consultants in Vietnam

NMK LLC is proud of being the best consultant among business consultants in Vietnam in recent years. We topped other business consultancy companies in Vietnam in providing business consulting services to foreign investors who are willing to invest in Vietnam.

Our consulting team comprises of high skilled and well experienced consultants who are quite familiar in working with foreign investors as well as local councils and ministerial agencies. The consultants support clients to discover Vietnam market, make a partnership with talent companies, conduct a reseach on potential firms or products, make an investment recommendation, set up a company in Vietnam, or assess on investment opportunities.

NMK LLC hired top business consultants in Vietnam who have expertise in specific sector such as oil and gas, cement, automotive and motorbike, lubricant oil, packaging, shipping, and education. Most of our consultants have at least 15 years of experience in their sector at managerial or above level. The consultants, thus, have a good understandings and knowledge about challenges or obstacles that clients might face with.

Our top business consulting services are included but not limted to:

- Set up a company in Vietnam: Our consultants support investors to register a company in Vietnam within a contrain time. After reviewing carefully clients's objective, the consultants will recommend potential locations to open an office or set up a factory where has excellent infrastructure fulfilling with core business of clients or huge incentive for clients' nature of business. The consultants also make an advice to clients about business lines which clients consider to provide in Vietnam. Due to limitation of conditional businesses, our consulting team is mindful of reviewing carefully about business lines being registered to ensure that clients can produce these products or distribute these service in Vietnam legally.

- Business licensing: Business licensing might be a part of company formation works in case of newly established, or be a new project in case of expansion the existing business. Licensing normally is granted by local councils's agencies, however, licensing of conditional business in some special case is needed the approval by miniterial level before granted by local councils. Clients, thus, need to get advisory from professionals who have large network and are quite familiar with that process. In such case, professionals help clients to save time and cost and avoid any misconduct when applying documents by themselves.

- Market Reseach: Our research team conducted numerous reports in wide range of industries. Clients were concerned mainly about subtitute goods, customer behaviours, rivals, and cost segment.

- Industry report - Firm report: Report on industry or firm are complexity and containing sensitive information about company. Information obtained in firm report covers financial statements, sales and marketing strategy, production cost, imports and exports, and labor forces.

- Corporate data: Corporate data normally consist of company history, board of management, and financial statements. Clients might use these data to verify or cross-check some aspects of financial matter.

Clients might access on our services by contact us at or call to +84 33 7572 999 for support.