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Business Consulting Companies in Vietnam

Business consulting companies in Vietnam

Once investors decided to invest in Vietnam, they should find out top business consulting companies in Vietnam to make a partnership. Our business consultants are honored to serve clients for their best benefit when investing in Vietnam. NMK LLC, a leading business consulting company in Vietnam, provides consulting services to foreign investors covering market research, maket survey, company formation in Vietnam, and corporate data.

The company hired high skilled and well experienced consultants who have wide and deep knowledge in various sectors. Our business consultants, thus, often make advisory or recommendation fulfilling with clients' target and goal due to their full understanding about clients' objective and risk tolerance. Timely reporting and time licensing are required compulsorily to our consultants. All products or services must be distributed to clients in time manner.

Almost business consultants in Vietnam like ours focused mainly on major consultancy services, including but not limited to:

- Set up a Company in Vietnam: To start a business, investors have to set up a company in Vietnam or open a representative office due to manner of business. Set up a company might comprise into simple works such as company registration or business licensing for unconditional businesses, or into complicated works covering applying for license in incentive regions or conditional businesses. For example, investors interested in retails business in Vietnam should be aware of applying for retails license. Asking for retails licences is very complicated works and takes a lot of time and cost. Just a few investment consulting companies in Vietnam have enough ability to provide this service in time manner due to lack of experience and poor relationship with local municipals and ministers who involved to approve the license.

- Market research: Foreign investors should discover local market for making investment or distributing products or services. The best way is to hire local consulting firms who know the local market better than investors. The consultants, therefore, use their special knowledge and understanding about local market, products or services to make recommendation, conduct a research, distribute a survey, or provide advisory to serve clients for the best benefit.

- Corporate data: Financial investors or companies providing products or services might approach Vietnam market through mergers and acquisitions deals. M&A deal is helpful for investors to penetrate local market faster but finding a appropriate partner is never a simple task. A consulting firm having large network and better understanding about sector will provide suitable partners fulfilling with investors' goal and target. The firm will support investors to obtain inside data for due diligence process such as financial statements, innovation, or new products. In Vietnam, information about companies often hidden and non-transparency that blind investors to other important considerations.

- Due diligence: Consultants support investors to make due diligence on targeted firms who they are now considering to acquire. Due diligence is to help investors to assess the firm fully and discover entirely about firm in many aspects. One of major important work is cross-check and verifying information provided by targeted firm. The consulting company involve in this process to reconcile the information acquired by itself and the information provided by target firm to ensure that no major issues are appreared.

To get the best benefit when investing in Vietnam, clients should contact us at or call to +84 33 7572 999 for support.