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Set up a Company in Vietnam

Set up a Company in Vietnam

Global investors intend to invest in Vietnam and their most primary concern is how to set up a company in Vietnam. Be the top business consulting companies in Vietnam, NMK LLC is honored to serve foreign investors in providing company formation in Vietnam service. Our consultants are dedicated to care clients for their best interests fulfilling with clients' goals and targets.

Set up a company in Vietnam might subjected to four major types, including:

- Unconditional businesses: As stipulated in decision No.27/2018/QD-TTG, Vietnam Standard Industry Classification (VSIC) is comprised of 5 levels with 734 industries. Almost industries does not require any conditions to start a business. Investors, thus, are free to apply for business license following instructions of existing applicable rules and regulations. Business consultants will review whether clients' designed businesses are subjected to unconditional businesses or not based on clients's nature of businesses.

- Conditional businessess: Among 734 industries listed in VSIC 2018, there are 243 industries requiring conditions to set up a business applied for both local and foreign investors. Investors, thus, must provide sufficient documents satisfying all conditions required for authorities's reviewing. Only when verifying process is completed, authorities will take further steps for reviewing and approving application. Professionals or consultants using their best understandings and knowledge to make an advisory and recommendations on how to prepare perfect documents.

- Additional license: For some specific businesses, additional license is required compulsorily for doing the business. Additonal license might be related to certificate of products, or professional license of whom involving to that business, or license to operate a business at specific site or location. Among all type of additional licenses, license for doing business at specific site such as retails or wholesale license is very hard to apply for. Asking retails or wholesales license is one of the most complicated job for any consultants.

- Limitation on foreign investments: Foreign investors should be mindful of limitations on foreign investments in the context of business category. Vietnamese government limits ownership ratio and investment sectors on foreign investments. Consultants should check and verify whether clients' intended businesses are appropriated to invest in Vietnam or not. In some special cases, those businesses are not clearly to categorize as limited or unlimited business, so professionals should make their best understanding, knowledge, and experience to define a suitable category.

Clients might find out process to set up a company in Vietnam as shown in flowchart below:

Due to complexity of orders, set up a company in Vietnam is ranging from simple to compilcated task due to objective manner. Our consulting team has experience in setting up a company inside industrial zones, high-tech parks, or asking retails license for foreign retailers. Our consultants are also quite familiar with working with local councils or ministerial agencies. Clients, thus, might obtain fully business license within contrain time and low cost.

Investors considerting to set up a company in Vietnam might ask for pre-advise by contact us as or call to +84 33 7572 999 for support.