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Knowing business in offshores takes a lot of time. Our consulting team helps investors to save time and money by offering inside corporate data. Using NMK's investment consultancy services is helpful for foreign companies to discover local market and make due diligence for assessing local partners. Our business consultants support clients to find appropriate local partners who get excellent perfomance overtime in industry.

Our team and experts with professional skills and knowledge provide reasonable efforts to work for the best interest of clients. We help clients to strengthen firm business by providing qualified local partners who are willing to join company's network.

We also maintain close relationship with your partners to ensure that their operation aligns with firm's policies and procedures. Our team provides supervisionary services to clients which follows strictly instructions stated by clients. Such kind of services are adhered to confidential standards and loyalty to clients.

Business Partner service is covering but not limited to:

   • Screening, scanning and reviewing potential firms that are subjected to appropriate targets given by clients.

   • Selecting qualified local partners.

   • Contacting, interviewing, and assessing on firms' capacibilities.

   • Analysing information and data to make recommendation.

   • Making due diligence based on fiduciary agreement.

   • Conducting a research on targeted firms.

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