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Due Diligence

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To conduct investment in globalization investment circumstance changes in recent years, global investors are now seeking Vietnam investment consulting companies or consultancy professional individuals to help them assessing and evaluating local partners and well as opportunities in Vietnam where individuals or firms provides such kind of services. NMK LLC, an investment consulting firm, based in Hanoi, Vietnam, offers clients investment services covering but not limited to due diligence, mergers and acquisitions, and site developer.

Our team and members commit to make reasonal efforts to act for the best interest of clients. All information is kept in confidential and not to disclose to any unrelated parties for any purposes. Recommendation and analysis are conducted independently and objectively.

We also help you to discover local market and firms by introducing appropriate partners, arranging the meeting and interviewing their board of management. With our support, you will discover fully local market, products, competitors and opportunities to develop your business.

Our Due Diligence service is covered but not limited to:

   • Build up criteria or set of criteria which are used to evaluate, analysis or make a rating on targeted institutions or individuals.

   • Set up questionnaires or questionnaires card to obtain clearly firms or institutions' information.

   • Arrange interview session or conduct an interview with targeted firms' board of management or board of directors.

   • Gather and obtain material public information or non-material nonpublic information to make the analysis, recommendation or due diligence.

   • Interpret and analysis financial statements, operating performance or returns and risk inherent directly or indirectly to institutions or industry where institutions do business.

   • Use appropriate models to make earnings projection or cash flow prior to or after fundamental changes (such as M&A or getting new investment).

Due diligence is reliable and most necessary way to assess companies or investment opportunities. For foreign investors, due diligence is more helpful to avoid any risk tolerance and better understandings about firm, and discover any information that blind investors to look at important factors. Difference in culture, and standards and system applied might be subjected to fraud or violations, so investors should make clear about any unclear points through due diligence.

Due diligence team comprises of many consultants who are expertise of finance sector, manufacturing, human resource, sales, and technology. Only large and exerienced consulting firm like us can provide fully such kind of service with high quality in constrain time.

Our consulting team involved into many due diligence project, including cement factory, real estate, securities, retails, and wholesales. We are honored to serve clients for conducting due diligence in Vietnam.

Clients might query concerns to our consultants for advising. Our qualified consultants help clients to make clearly about uncertain factors and support to make due diligence on any targeted company operating in Vietnam.

NMK LLC helps investors to achieve investors' business goals in efficient way. Investors interested in our products and services might send to us request by contacting our consulting team at or calling to +84 33 7572 999 for support.

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