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NMK LLC, a market research company founded in Vietnam, whose primary business is to conduct market research for investors doing business in Vietnam has launched premium consulting services in research sector. Our premium package is to provide inside corporate data of Vietnam company to investors.

The ultimate research service is to serve specially for large conglomerates to approach fully inside information covering financial statements. We highly recommend investors to use premium package to access full inside information for making investment decision.

Market research service also covers legal counselling work which is subjected to review rules and regulations related to clients' nature business and industry that clients are now considering to access.

Market research might be formed in desk research or field research. Due to research objective, desk research or field research will be used to fulfill with investors' goal and target. In some cases, only desk research or field research is used to conduct report but in another cases researcher might use both method simultaneously.

In some specific research, specially in customer behavior or feedback on new product or service, mass survey should be used to conduct research. A questionnaire card might be distributed to thousand or hundred thousands participants to collect data.

Globalization and diversification circumstance promote firms operating in various type of industries such as investment, trading or manufacturing finding chances and opportunities to invest or expanse business in potential markets. Risk, of course, will rise in the new markets where firms are unfamiliar with the nature of business including culture, behavior, language, law or even religion. To limit the risk arised and to ensure the investment taking in the right way, firms should ask consulting agent to conduct the research about the industry or potential partners operating in the new market where firms are now considering to invest or assessing and making credible rating your partners before making any decision. The best way is to find the profesional counseling firm who help you obtain inside information.

To get the best knowledge about the market where the firm is now considering to invest in or distribute their products, the firm should make their best efforts to understand deeply about the market including but not limited to market size, rivals, suppliers, regulations related to industry, targeted customers, compete products, behaviour, political circumstance, returns and risk, and other major factors impact on the industry. By using our services, all your concerns is now more easier than you THINK.

Our service is included but not limited to:

  • Conduct a research on particular competitor or products.

  • Conduct a survey on customer behaviours or feedback from customers about products.

  • Conduct a report on alternative and supplementary products.

  • Set up a questionnaires card and distribute to participants.

  • Conduct a research on supply chain system, cost structure, distribution system, price regime, incentive policy, and market share related to competitors or alternative products.

Investor interested in our premium research package might contact us at or call to +84 33 7572 999 for support.

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