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NMK LLC, a market research company formed in Vietnam, is now offering ultimate market research service known as mass market survey to clients who are now interested in investing in Vietnam. Our mass market survey strives clients to approach hundred thousands of users to get their behavior or feedback on their products or services.

With mass market survey service, clients can get responses from thousands consumers fast and timely. Clients, thus, use these data for analyzing or making report. Feedback or behavior are very helpful for firms who provide or intend to provide such kind of product or service in Vietnam to undestand absolutely consumers' behavior and trend.

The firm often urges to know how satisfaction that clients get on their products or services to strive them forward to upgrade their services or innovate current products. By surveying customer behaviour or feedback on products, firm gets adequate and nessessary information showing the advantage and disadvantage of their services and products compared with alternatives products. Firm also conduct a survey on the new products or services which actually not yet released in the market but going to disclose in the upcoming time.

Clients might request to conduct survey upon the following methods:

Focused Group: The group is created to to define trend or examine major points of research. Based on discussion among focused group, researcher will adjust or concentrate on main idea that members of group pay much attention or arguement.

Paper-Crayon: Due to strict requirement, clients might need to interview and discuss privately with participant. The paper-crayon method is the best usage for this case.

Delphi: For forecasting about the trend or market, opinion from panel of experts is the most suitable option. Researcher will distribute the questions to group of experts and summarize their comments on that matter to journalize the trend or forecasting the market.

Online: As model marketing channel changes, online market survey is now more popular due to its mass distribution, cheap and very fast. However, researchers must be mindful of quality of record due to prudence of participants. The business consulting company should create regular users or members who are quite familiar to conduct the survey. The company, thus, can examine or verify members' independence and objectivity.

With the wide range of network, our market research team helps you to make a survey across the country covering a wide range of age, location, income, behaviour and expectation on the particular product or service. The questionnaire card is designed professionally and distributed broadly nation-wise to serve firms requirement.

With supports from our professional team, clients will get exactly what customers desire on firm products and services.

Our Market Survey service is included but not limited to:

  • Design a tool and analysis system covering questionnaires card and computer-base model.

  • Distribute broadly to partipipants in the limited time.

  • Analysis data based on obtained information.

  • Find major issues through obtained data.

Clients now can order our ultimate market research services by contacting us at or call to +84 33 7572 999 for support.

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