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Visioned as top Vietnam investment consulting companies, NMK LLC provides investment consulting services to investors intending to invest in Vietnam covering site development service. Our site developer team supports clients to find appropriate site to set up factory, shopping mall, building, or residence area. The investment consultants will screen and scan all potential locations, then assess on each location to verify the best place fulfilling with clients' goals and targets.

As site developer, we make a brief report on such locations covering infrastructure, population, labor forces, economic factors, and altenative places for comparision. Our investment consultants also support clients to appoach fundamental information about land, make an arrangement with owners for due diligence, and to negotiate terms and conditions for buying or leasing deal.

Globalization bias is changed dramatically over the world and impact on a wide range and type of both institutions and individuals who are now involving in various types of industries. Firms, institutions and even individual investors are now shifting from high cost countries to low cost countries like Vietnam. Foreign direct and indirect investment value increased rapidly year on year.

As populated country, Vietnam is now attracting many foreign investors operating in wholesales and retails sector to invest in. Those investors, thus, need to approach to premium locations, a primary compulsory condition for success in those business. Due to our best knowledge about the local market, our consultants will help clients to approach to appropriate location suitable with their needs.

Developing appropriate sites to start a business in Vietnam is the most important goal in the first phase. For manufacturing investors, we also connect them to all industrial zone developers in Vietnam or locations that are subjected to most incentive policies offerred by municipal council for FDI investors.

With our full support, plant or factory will be set up rightly in excited area with highest incentive policies for FDI companies. Clients will get benefit from infrastructure, tax incentive, land cost or other incentive policies suitable for their company and industry.

For real estate investors, we help them to connect with largest local firms who own huge land located country-wide. Depend on project's objective, clients might consider to acquire lands suitable for their investment such as residence project, hospitality and resorts, office building, or shopping mall.

Our Site Developer service is included but not limited to:

  • Review and evaluate potential locations based on fair comparisions among potential sites and complying with firm's objectives.

  • Make a credible rating on targeted locations.

  • Conduct a research on avaiblabe sites covering adequate information fulfilling firm's objectives and goals.

  • Arrange a meeting with land owner or municipal council or authorities to make further assessment on the site or clarify any ambigiuos information or factors.

  • Assist clients to prepare documents which are used to apply for investment license or investment incentives.

  • Support clients in applying for licenses or incentives.

For getting the best serve, investors might contact us at or call to +84 33 7572 999 for support.

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