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Tax Advisory

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Clients might get into trouble with tax matters for both individual or firm's obligation incurred right before or after making investment decision or even during daily operations. Tax matters incurred before taking investment impose to tax exemption stipulated by local councils or government or applied tax rate on expats. Investors including firms or individuals must take care to review fully tax policies applied in the country where their investment is taken.

Individuals or firms should be aware of any changes in tax policies in which they might be subjected to. During daily operations, investors might violate applicable laws in the context of tax in many reasons. The advisors, therefore, provide edequate system and timing review which help investors avoiding any violations incurred if any. Our tax advisory team takes care clients with reasonable efforts to ensure that their investment and operation always align with standards and applicable laws.

Some investors concern about the adherence of standards and applicable laws including tax and financial matters of targeted firms, so finding issues related to these matters is one of very important action. We help you to discover these data and issues which suppose to assessment works.

Our Tax Advisory service is included but not limited to:

  • Review and inform changes in tax regulations which investors or firms migh be subjected to.

  • Conduct an interim report on both firm and individual.

  • Review and calculate corporate income tax, personal income tax, value added tax, and withholding tax.

  • Support to claim tax compesation.

  • Prepare documents and apply for tax incentives.

  • Obtain and gather information about tax violation of partners.

NMK helps you to looking for the sercret behind financial statement. Just contact us.

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