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Corporate Data

Corporate data in Vietnam

Investors can obtain corporate data or company information in Vietnam for their due diligence process. NMK LLC, top Vietnam business consulting companies, is now offering corporate data service which provide inside information of companies doing business in Vietnam to investors. Company information is very helpful for clients who are intending to assess their partners to have better understanding about their operation and system.

Clients might order corporate data for their own usage, i.e for making analysis, or for making investment recommendation, or making promotion materials distributed to their clients. Information obtained must be accurately and transparently for better usage.

Time commitment

- Financial Statements: 03 working days.

Financial statements comprise of balance sheet, income statement, and cash flow. Some companies submit audited financial statements while others provide only unaudited financial statements. Large firms and listed companies normally disclosed audited financial reports. Those reports might be disclosed publicly or non-publicly depended on company's intention or regulations governing company's operation.

- Company history: 01 working day.

Company history covers highlights in changes of business license. The information covers changes within 03 recent years and can be extended for whole life of company. History information comprises of shareholders, business lines, capital, headquater address, and contact.

- Business license: 01 working day.

We provide business license of targeted companies within 01 working day since receiving client's order. The current business license covers main contact, headquater address business lines, shareholders, and registered capital.

- Tax information: 03 working days.

Tax information is related to company's obligation in tax, covering tax debt, tax violent, penalties, and tax outstandings. Client might order our basic package, professional package, or premium package. Basic package is to provide 01 year information, while professional and premium package are subjected to cover 3 years and 5 years information.

- Liabilities: 03 working days.

Liabilities comprises of short-term and long-term debt in the periodical time. Liability is observed at the end of the year which is shown the debt outstanding of the company at that time. Short-term and long-term debt might be referred to debt to suppliers, customers, employees, or financial institutions. Client might request to obtain these information of 1 year or more depending on client's goal and target.

- Shareholders: 01 working day.

Investors might concern about shareholder changes of targeted firms which might be used to make due diligence. The changes of stakeholders can be obtained within 01 working day since receiving order. 

Investors might order our services now

Corporate informationBasicProfessionalPremiumTime commitment
Financial Statements1 year3 years5 years3 working days
Company History1 year3 years5 years1 working day
Business license1 year3 years5 years1 working day
Tax Information1 year3 years5 years3 working days
Liabilities1 year3 years5 years3 working days
Shareholders1 year3 years5 years1 working day

Clients concerning about specific data might contact us for more details. To order our services, please contact us at or call to +84 33 7572 999 for support.