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Market research companies in Vietnam

NMK LLC is proud of being as top Vietnam market research agency among market research companies in Vietnam providing issuer-paid reports to Japan and Korea companies who are now doing business in Vietnam or considering to invest in Vietnam. Our consultants are professionals in wide range of industries, specially in expertise in oil and gas industry, cement industry, packaging industry, automotive and motorbike industry, shipping industry, finance and banking industry, and lubricant industry.

Clients get fully benefits when ordering market research service at NMK LLC, a leading company among market research companies in Vietnam. Our hornor is to serve several types of research to client, including but not limited to:

- Desk research: Desk research is the most fundemental method using to conduct a research. This method is to use data obtained from third-parties resources such as statistical data published by authorities, investment reports or researchs issued by research firms, information obtained from company's annual report, or information posted in media channel (newspapers, websites, blogs, social network websites, or television) rather than data conducted primarily by firm itself. Consultants obtain data from various sources for analyzing and making report enclosed with quotes or notes about the source of information.

- Field research: This type of research based primarily on the data conducted by consultants or firm themselves. The data, thus, is unique and come originally from company or consultant who execute information for making report. Field research is used to obtain information directly from end-users, suppliers, company's management, or professionals' comments who involved or now involving to project that is subjected to research.

Clients, thus, decide what type of research method is coincided with their goals based on their nature of business, investment goals, or even daily operation targets in both short-term or long-term aspects. Both field research and desk research are used separately or simultaneously to conduct numerous type of researches such as:

- Industry report: Consultants get information commonly from general statistical office, ministerial agencies, or municial departments whose role is to supervise companies' business operation. Statistical data may come from associatons where companies registered as a member. Industry report is helful for investors, especially for whom is now considering to start a business in Vietnam or even set up a company in Vietnam.

- Company report: Investors need to assess fully on company data before making investment decision. Company data is included but not limited to the following factors: company history, board of management, financial statements, new products, new technology or innovation, existing customers, existing supplier, and supply chain. Consultants have to find an appropriate way to obtain inside information from targeted company. Some consultants might approach to board of management of the company, and the others might obtain information through interviewing employees, experts, existing customers, or suppliers. In some case, investors should make a due diligence on the targeted company for ensuring that they have full basis to make an investment decision.

- Investment recommendation: Clients might need investment recommendation for their own usage or distributing to their end-users. Because almost issuer-paid reports are in-depth researches, they are conducted to distribute to limited clients for specific purpose. Investment recommendation reports are often compromised by mixing desk research and field research method.

- Customer behavior or product safistation: Companies should understand fully about behavior of their existing or potential custmers as well as rating on their new products or even existing products. Those reports are very important to the firms for upgrading their products or services or changing parameters fulfilling with expectation of customers on those products or services. Field research method is commonly used in that kind of research. As major impact of new marketing channel, online-survey method is now a favorable way to conduct market survey.

Clients might order issuer-paid research at or call to our help-desk +84 33 7572 999.