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Marketing Strategy Consultancy

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Vietnam Market is now more attractive than ever. Finding partners or doing business in Vietnam is now more easier task than you THINK.

NMK LLC's business consulting team helps companies to build up marketing strategy, discover their competitors, find partners, position products, build up market and set up marketing channels fulfilling with company's goals and targets.

Our business consultants got much experience, skills, knowledge as well as tactics from various large firms where they worked/are working for which is helpful for new comers like yours to distribute new products or enhance a new brand in local market. With our support, time and cost will be reduced absolutely and you might get a better result in very contraint time.

Marketing Strategy service is included but not limited to:

   • Conduct a survey or research on products, services or industry where clients plan to take the business.

   • Issue a report for better understanding about local market covering industry insights and outlook, existing and prospective customers, competitors, suppliers, and the impact of applicable law on operation activities in the industry.

   • Assess and analysis rivals' marketing strategies and their products which might compete with products or services that firm will provide in market in the future.

   • Review firm's current existing marketing strategy to ensure whether it is applicable appropriately or not

   • Revise current existing marketing strategy or build up new strategy which is the best pratices to apply in the market.

   • Set up internal policies and procedures to strengthen the supervisory responsibilities to ensure that marketing policies are applicable fairly to all customers and align with firm's policies.

   • Deliver altenative scenarios which consider carefully about price scheme, products positioning, branding, targeted market, returns and risk.

   • Prepare promotion materials including designing and printing.

Let us serve your business in Vietnam, please just contact us.

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