Market Research Vietnam Customer Survey on motorbike repairing services

Vietnam Motorbike Consumer Survey - Market Research

NMK LLC, a market research company incorporated in Vietnam, conducted a consumer survey addressing questionnaires to 200 people living in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City asked about their behavior in repairing services. The research tries to obtain data from participants and analyze their behaviour on consuming services in repairing and maintenance industry.

The survey focused mainly on lubricant replacement behavior and the outcome will be used to make analysis or recommendaiton for companies operating in lubricant sector in Vietnam. Our market research team use paper-crayon method which require interviewers discussing with participants directly to obtain information.


Demographic Characteristics

The respondents makeup of the sample for Honda High-End Scooters Consumer Buying Behavior of Lubricant was non-equally split between Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, in which Hanoi representing at 38% of the survey respondent while Ho Chi Minh City representing around 62% of the total sample. The age of main respondent group of 200 survey participants is ranging from 20-29, followed by the age group of 30-39.

Married Status and Occupation

57% out of 200 participants joining the survey was single women while the number of married female was 84 respondents or equivalent to 42% of the survey sample. The main occupation of married women was hired employee. The occupation of single female was equally split between hired employee and student group, with each group representing approximately one quarter of the survey respondents.


Among 77 of respondents in Hanoi, 42% of participants reported having income in range of 5-10 million VND. Most of the respondents (45%) said that their monthly income was below 5 million VND. Almost 9% of participants had the income in the range of 10-15 million VND while only 4% of respondents in Hanoi revealed the income above 15 million dong.

Owned Scooter

LEAD/SCR brand was the first priority option in Hanoi while AirBlade brand took the 1st choice in Ho Chi Minh City. Married women were likely to use LEAD/SCR brand in both Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. While the single female in Hanoi preferred LEAD/SCR brand, those in Ho Chi Minh City reported to opt both type of LEAD/SCR and AirBlade brand as their first choice. Most of AirBlade users were at the age of 20-29, a youth generation. It might come from the design of model which was reported as stylist and manly.


Substance use

Most of respondents (169) reported to change oil for their scooter periodically, accounted for 81% of survey sample. Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh’s participants were likely to opt to take replacement by periodically, around 80% of data sample.

To look at the reason for changing oil classified by age group, the respondents at the age group of 20-29, 30-39, and 40-49 were preferred periodically type than the others. The group of age below 20 affected too much from their relative on their decision.

Castrol BP Petco maintained the most famous brand name in the market with 29% of total respondents taking that product for their latest use. However, as shown in the Figure 11, most of participant (41%) reported that they did not memorize about the brand name of the lubricant oil in their latest use. Hanoi’s users said that they were rarely to remember their latest product brand with around 70% of 77 respondents getting that idea. Only 21% of respondents in Ho Chi Minh City shown that they did not have any idea about the brand name of their latest use.

As shown in the Figure 22, around 75% of participant informed that the oil consumed in the next replacement being Honda Genuine oil. Only 25% of respondents decided to continue to use their current oil. Hanoi female users intended to keep their current products as their next use more than Ho Chi Minh users.

Among 200 respondents at all age groups, the female users at the age of 30-39 were more likely to use Honda Genuine Oil than those in other groups.

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