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A market research company incorporated in Vietnam, NMK LLC, has launched new research service known as industry reports to investors considering to invest in Vietnam. Industry reports are helpful for both local and international investors to undestand fully about local market for their making investment decision.

Clients might use industry reports referring to their recommendation or execution on their own investment or their clients' investment as a basis. A professionals need to obtaining variety of sources of information including industry reports, paid research, firm reports, experts' comment, public information or firm's data which will be treated as materials used to make analysis or even taking investment action.

Our experts and partners are now working in wide range of industries including cement, automotive, oil and gas, lubricant, transportation, packaging, and logistics. We provide a huge industry reports and researches covering industry trends, outlook and forecast, data, innovation, new products, or earning projection.

Industry reports cover helpful data about specific industry including number of firms operating within industry, size of company in manpower and capital manner, operating capital, turnover, profit and loss, investment capital, and compensation. Industry data can be broken down into province and separated into about 800 sub-industries.

Industry data is summarized based mainly on data surveyed every two years on all companies in the country. For non-surveyed-year, we use projection method combining with macro-economic data to estimate the trend and performance of the industry.

Industry reports are paid-issuer researches which are conducted based on clients' order. In case clients are interested in raw data, we will submit these data within 03 working days after receiving an order.

Our consultants obtain information from reliable sources to ensure that information is accurately and transparently.

Industry reports also cover applicable laws and regulations required for investors. Our lawyers will scan, review, and highlight important updated and changes rules and regulations. A full industry report is submitted to client within 5 working days or more after ordering depending on requirements from client.

With our experts' knowledge and experience, you will maintain the update of the trends and forecast of all kind of industries you need more easier.

Our Industry Report service is included but not limited to:

  • Conduct a report or research covering whole industry or specific sector insights and outlook.

  • Conduct a research on fundamental changes, innovation, changes in regulation, major impacts on industry circumstances, and average returns and risks.

  • Conduct a research on industry's investment opportunities and forecast about downward or upward trends of whole industry or particular sector.

  • Obtain and gather fundamental information covering manpower, capital, size, investment, infrastructure, expenditure, turnover, and profit of industry which are used to make the investment recommendation or support decision making process.

Clients might approach to our sample industry reports by contacting us at To order report or require data on specific industry, investors might querry concerns to consulting team for advise by calling to our help desk at +84 33 7572 999 or making an appointment with researchers.

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